From Mexico to Michigan

This passage is about how a boy from Mexico adjusts to his new life in Michigan.

Lexile Level: 660L

Categories: People & Places Adventure

Juan's family was from Mexico. Juan moved to Michigan, which was very different from Mexico. Michigan was cold and snowy, with lots and lots of winter months. Juan was sitting inside one day, bored. There was snow falling on the ground outside, and he had nothing to do. Since she was younger, his sister had to lay down for her nap. Juan sighed. If he were in Mexico, he could have at least ridden his bike around outside. Suddenly, he heard the phone ring. It was Michael from his math class. Michael was inviting him to play outside. Juan wasn't sure how somebody could play while it was snowing outside, but Michael said he would show him. Michael showed him how to make a snow angel, how to make snowballs, and how to make an icicle. Juan realized maybe Michigan could be as fun as Mexico!

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