This passage discusses good writing skills.

Lexile Level: 790L

Categories: Classics & Literature

If you are asked to write a paper, the best thing to do is follow the steps used by many good writers. First, make sure you understand the purpose of the writing and your audience so that your writing will be appropriate for both. Second, choose a topic that will interest you and your readers and form your thesis. Once you have done this, try to think of as many supporting ideas as you can. This is sometimes called brainstorming. Organize the ideas you are going to use so that your paper makes sense and flows logically. You will then be ready to write the first draft. Read it carefully for content. Do you have a strong thesis? Have you supported it with good details and examples? Does the paper serve its purpose? Once you have revised as necessary, proofread your paper, looking for any mistakes in grammar or mechanics. Once you have corrected any mistakes you find, write your final draft.


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