This passages discusses the art of juggling.

Lexile Level: 770L

Categories: Sports & Health

Juggling is the art of keeping objects in the air by tossing and catching them. Jugglers are most often seen at circuses or carnivals. Jugglers usually start out using balls, rings, or juggling clubs. Advanced jugglers might juggle dangerous objects such as flaming torches or knives. Jugglers can use all kinds of objects. Some juggle hats, handkerchiefs, or plates. Some try to juggle many objects at once. For example, good jugglers can juggle five balls at a time. Jugglers can work alone or in groups. Juggling has been performed since ancient times. In the Middle Ages, court jesters often juggled. When the modern circus was invented in the eighteenth century, jugglers were part of the entertainment. These days, many people juggle as a hobby. It can be fun to learn. Most people learn using beanbags, starting with two and then working up. Juggling can help improve your coordination. It is also a way to entertain friends and meet new people.


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