This passage is about a girl with a bad temper.

Lexile Level: 760L

Categories: People & Places

On her best days, Kim was just as sweet as could be. But when Kim lost her temper, people got out of her way. And, if you knew Kim, you would know why. When things went wrong, Kim was out of control. Kim's neighbors had to shut their doors and windows just to keep out the sound. Kim had a high-pitched voice that reminded some people of a cat whose tail got stepped on. When Kim lost her temper, she was really loud. She would holler, wail, and stomp her feet until the floorboards shook. She would wave her arms and pound her fists. The windows would rattle when Kim lost her temper. Vases, pictures, and books would fall off the shelves in Kim's living room. When she calmed down, Kim would bake a big batch of cookies and take them to all of her neighbors.


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