This passage describes how moving to a new place affects a little girl.

Lexile Level: 770L

Categories: Adventure

When Alexis jumped out of bed on the morning of the first day of classes in her new school, she was very worried. She and her family had recently moved, and she hadn't had a chance to make any new friends yet. She had seen some girls her age walking on the sidewalk in front of her house a couple of times, but she had been too shy to go out and introduce herself. Her mom and dad told her not to worry. They said she would make plenty of friends once she started school. But Alexis wasn't so sure. She was afraid she might not fit in. She took a deep breath and walked out the front door. Standing on the sidewalk were the girls she had seen before. They all waved, said "Hi," and then invited Alexis to walk to school with them.

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