Pleasing Personality

This passage is about a boy who has a hard time saying "no" to people.

Lexile Level: 770L

Categories: People & Places

Vincent never could say no. For as long as he could remember, Vincent wanted to please people. He loved to see the smile on someone's face when he agreed to a request. His remarkable desire to please began when Vincent was a baby. When he cried, all his mom had to do was ask him to stop. Vincent's behavior as a child made him very popular with grown-ups, especially teachers. If a teacher asked for a volunteer to clean the blackboard, Vincent was always the first to raise his hand. When he grew older and started working, Vincent did everything he could to please his bosses, too. One day, not long after he retired, he was sitting in the park talking with an old friend. The friend asked Vincent if he was ever tempted to say no. Vincent thought about it for a second, and then just shook his head.


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