Sick Day

This passage is about a girl who stays home sick from school.

Lexile Level: 780L

Categories: Sports & Health

Hannah pulled the quilt up under her chin. Normally she would be happy about missing a day of school, but today was she sick. She was very sick. She would actually rather be at school right now than at home in bed, feeling like this. Her throat hurt, her head hurt, her whole body hurt. Based on her symptoms, she figured she would probably have to stay home from school again tomorrow. She hoped she would feel a little better then, so she could at least enjoy not being at school. Normally, Hannah did not mind being home sick. She would sleep a little later, eat a big breakfast, and then stretch out on the couch with one of her favorite books. Today, however, Hannah was not even feeling well enough to do that. All she felt like doing was staying in bed and sleeping.

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