Orange Cake

This passage is about a boy who is going to bake an orange cake, but isn't sure what ingredients to use.

Lexile Level: 700L

Categories: Sports & Health

Kevin wanted to bake an orange cake for the neighborhood picnic. But he wasn't sure whether he should use food coloring to make the cake orange or if he should use real oranges. He called his good friend Annie and described his problem. She came over to his house right away. She said she knew exactly what to do. She opened her purse and pulled out a small and shining can of soft baby carrots. She handed the can to Kevin with a look of satisfaction. Kevin guessed she was proud of her carrots. He opened the can and poured the carrots into the cake batter. He mashed it up with a fork and noted with delight that the mix turned orange. The batter was the color of a neon sea shell. Annie and Kevin were very pleased.

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