North Pole

This passage is about the North Pole.

Lexile Level: 740L

Categories: People & Places Science & Technology

The North Pole, also called True North, is the northernmost point on Earth. When you are standing at the North Pole, you are standing on a frozen ocean. The North Pole lies in the Arctic Ocean. The South Pole lies on land called Antarctica. The North Pole is made up of frozen water. This is also the point where the earth's axis of rotation meets the ground. This is the point at which the earth turns around. In the summertime, the North Pole has daylight all day and all night. This happens because during the summertime, the North Pole is facing the sun. In the winter time, the North Pole does not face the sun at all. The winter days and nights at the North Pole are spent in complete darkness. The South Pole also experiences the same thing during the year.

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