Golfer Michelle Wie

This passage is about the young female golfer, Michelle Wie.

Lexile Level: 710L

Categories: People & Places Sports & Health

Michelle Wie is a professional golfer. What is surprising about her is that she was born on October 11, 1989. She is very young. Wie loved to golf from an early age. She qualified for her first adult golf tournament at age 10. At fifteen, she turned professional, wishing to no longer compete as an amateur. She is confident in herself as a golfer. She is the first woman to try and qualify for play in the men's golf tournaments. The PGA, Professional Golf Association, sponsors these tournaments. As such a young star of golf, Wie has been able to generate enough excitement to have several sponsors. Wie is a Korean American born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She lives with her parents in Honolulu. They help her make decisions about her career. Even though she is a professional at sports, she still needs others to rely on.


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