Go Fly a Kite

This passage is about two girls that are having trouble flying their kite.

Lexile Level: 710L

Categories: Sports & Health

Carol wanted to fly a kite. The problem was there were no hills where she lived. Whenever she saw kids in the movies flying kites, the kids were always on big, rolling, green hills. Carol and her best friend, Tina, weren't sure what to do. So they asked their neighbor, Allan. Allan smiled when he saw the new blue and yellow kite. They explained their problem to him, and he had an idea. He said it was good to have a hill to fly a kite on, but what you really need is wind. Carol and Tina lived near the beach, and nearly every Saturday, their parents let them go to the beach to play. The next time they went to the beach, they flew their kite. It went high up into the sky.

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