Miniature Guitar

This passage is about a boy who receives a ukulele from his dad.

Lexile Level: 780L

Categories: Art & Music

Burt really liked music. He liked the way the guitar sounded. Guitars were used in all his favorite songs. Sometimes if he had trouble sleeping at night, his dad would come into his room and play a song to help him fall asleep. Burt was surprised when one night his dad came into his room with what looked like a miniature version of a guitar. His dad explained that it was called a ukulele. Ukuleles were first developed in Hawaii. His dad promised to teach him how to play it when summer came, and Burt would have more free time. Burt's dad said that there were songs written just for this type of instrument. Burt realized he had a new instrument that he could barely wait to learn how to play.


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