This passage discusses the field of cosmetology.

Lexile Level: 870L

Categories: People & Places

Cosmetology is the study of cosmetics or cosmetic procedures. Cosmetologists are also called beauticians or aestheticians because they help their clients improve their appearances. They help people look and feel their most attractive. Cosmetologists can be experts in hairstyling, makeup, or skin care. They might also give manicures and pedicures. Usually, a cosmetologist specializes in just one of these areas. It helps if future cosmetologists have natural talent for hair, skin, or nail care. However, states do require training before granting licenses. Usually, people must go to cosmetology school or barber school to be licensed. Some states require that graduates serve apprenticeships with licensed cosmetologists before practicing on their own. In addition, cosmetologists must stay current with their training. They must continue to take classes or participate in workshops periodically to maintain their licenses.

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