Peanut Butter

This passage is about a boy's love of peanut butter.

Lexile Level: 820L

Categories: People & Places

If there was one food Kyle couldn't live without, it was peanut butter. Kyle absolutely loved peanut butter. He spread it on his toast in the morning. He ate a peanut butter sandwich and peanut butter cookies for lunch every day at school. Kyle loved peanut butter so much, he even put it on pancakes and waffles instead of syrup. Kyle loved peanut butter on celery, carrots, apples, and cheese. He loved it on pears, chocolate, ice cream, and bananas. Whenever his mom went to the store, she would ask Kyle if there was anything he wanted. His answer was always the same. He just asked for peanut butter. Every year on his birthday, Kyle's mom would bake a cake and top it with peanut butter frosting. There were only two things Kyle didn't like peanut butter on and that was his hands.

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