Driving Test

This passage is about a boy getting his driver's license.

Lexile Level: 820L

Categories: Adventure

The clerk finally called Robert's name. He stood up and approached the counter. "It's time for your driving test," the clerk said. A man walked around the counter and shook hands with Robert. "Let's go," he said. Robert followed him outside and unlocked his mother's minivan, which she had agreed to let him use for this test. He felt comfortable in this vehicle since he had been practicing his driving in it for the past several months. Once inside the car, Robert made sure to buckle his seat belt before starting the car. After driving for a few minutes, the driving instructor told Robert to perform a three-point turn. This was the move Robert had been dreading. He nervously turned the wheel and shifted gears, maneuvering the car towards the side of the road, then backwards, then straight again. Driving back to the office's parking lot, Robert was confident he had done well and would receive his license.

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