New Car

This passage describes the pride a young man feels after getting a new car.

Lexile Level: 870L

Categories: People & Places

Steve's car was his pride and joy. The car was not new or even especially attractive, but it was his very own. Steve had worked for over a year to earn enough money to buy a car. He had carefully researched the kind of vehicle he wanted and what he should pay for it. Then, when he had enough money, he and his dad had gone to the used car lot and picked out the perfect car. Steve had never felt more proud than when he drove his own car off of the lot. Now, as he surveyed his car, he still felt proud. Steve had been disappointed at first that he was not going to receive a car as a birthday gift, but now he was grateful. He had worked hard for this car and felt he had earned it. His car and his feeling of pride in accomplishing a goal had made the sacrifices worthwhile.


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