This passage describes a woman who likes to have fluffy cushions on her couch all the time.

Lexile Level: 860L

Categories: People & Places

Mrs. Macey walked into her living room one morning and noticed with horror that the couch cushions were extraordinarily flat. Mrs. Macey liked her cushions to be the size of a ripe pumpkin. She stopped and stared at the couch. The cushions had yellow embroidery on the covers, which she had chosen with great care at the outlet store last year. Since then, she had fluffed the cushions often and with extra care. Indeed, she was not the only one who fluffed her cushions. She'd ordered Mr. Macey to fluff the cushions every time he sat on the living room couch. Now, it seemed that someone was shirking his duty. She suspected Mr. Macey, but he had been away on business for several days. She gazed at the blackbirds that had alighted on the tree just outside her window. It was likely they knew who had flattened the pillows. Mrs. Macey began to fluff the cushions, her stomach churning with anger.

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