This passage discusses many advances made in sailing during the Age of Exploration.

Lexile Level: 1280L

Categories: History Science & Technology

The period from 1451 to 1729 is known as the "Age of Exploration," and it was during this time that the evolution of sailing took some of its most significant steps. Before the fifteenth century, there was little difference between a merchant ship and a war ship, other than the job at hand at any given time. This changed during the Age of Exploration, though both merchants and warriors used new technology to create better efficiency. The appearance of the three-masted ship led to larger crafts and cargoes. The invention of the whipstaff, a bar extending from the tiller, eased steering and made ships easier to maneuver. There were also significant advances in navigation during this period. While compasses had been utilized for some time, it was the addition of the hourglass that allowed sailors to perform dead reckoning, logging their locations miles at sea centuries before modern global positioning systems were invented.

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