Ryder Cup

This passage is about a golf contest called the Ryder Cup.

Lexile Level: 800L

Categories: History Sports & Health

The Ryder Cup is a match between golfers in the United States and golfers in Europe. The contest started in 1927. The idea for the contest came from a man named Samuel Ryder. He wanted the golfers from the New World and the Old World to be better friends. The cup, which goes to the winning team, has the figure of Abe Mitchell on the top. Mitchell was Samuel Ryder's golf teacher. At first, the Ryder Cup was only played with a team of golfers from the United States and a team of golfers from Britain. Finally in 1979, golfers from Europe were included on the British team. The team was then called Team Europe. Every two years, golf fans and others enjoy this long-standing contest.

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