This passage discusses the benefits of the revision process when writing a paper.

Lexile Level: 830L

Categories: Classics & Literature

Most good writing goes through the revision process. Once you have finished the first draft of a paper, you need to examine it carefully to make sure that it is your best work. The first step is to consider its purpose. Does your writing achieve whatever goals you have set for it? If it is an assignment, does it meet the requirements? Have you provided sufficient support for your main ideas? You may need to add details or examples to strengthen your paper. You also need to make sure that your introduction and conclusion are effective. Determine if the paper is appropriate for its audience and adjust the style and vocabulary if necessary. Once you have revised the content of your paper, it is time to make sure that your work is free of errors. Don't forget to check spelling and punctuation. Taking the time to polish your writing will allow you to create your best work.


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