This passage is about a girl who wants to learn how to cook.

Lexile Level: 860L

Categories: Adventure

Dina wanted to learn how to cook. Her mom said that she would show her, but Dina had to be very careful since she could easily burn her hand on the stove. The stove was where most of the cooking happened, and Dina loved to watch her mom stirring a big pot. Dina was happy that her first lesson was to help her mom with her father's birthday cake. She loved birthdays, and cake was the best part of the whole day. This cake was easy to make because her father really liked chocolate. Dina was allowed to stir the cake batter by herself. She watched her mom carefully place the cake in the oven. When it was finished and had cooled, Dina decorated the cake with sprinkles. Her dad said it was the best birthday cake he had ever tasted.


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