Future Photographer

This passage is about a girl who decides she loves photography after getting a camera of her own.

Lexile Level: 820L

Categories: Art & Music

Karen was always taking pictures. When she was little, her mother gave her a small, disposable camera. This meant that once Karen had taken all the pictures the camera allowed, she could take out the film and throw the camera away. Karen took pictures of everything. She took pictures of different trees, flowers, and people. She wasn't allowed to bring her camera to school because it distracted students from paying attention. Karen loved to go to the store and pick up the developed film and prints of her pictures. She got a really good photo of her baby brother while he was sleeping. Her mom loved that picture so much that she had framed it and hung it in their living room. Karen knew that when she grew up she was going to be a photographer and travel the world taking pictures. Maybe if her baby brother was nice to her, she would let him come too.

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