Unusual Foods

This passage discusses unusual foods that people in other countries eat.

Lexile Level: 950L

Categories: People & Places

Have you ever tasted a jellied eel? In London, you can buy them from food stands on the street. People think they make a great snack when boiled. If jellied eels don't suit your taste, maybe you would like kangaroo tail soup. In Australia, people cook kangaroo tails with onions, carrots, celery, and spices. The soup is popular in cold weather, served with some good bread and a salad. If you travel to Scotland, you may be served haggis. Haggis is a sheep's stomach stuffed with organ meats, such as sheep's heart and liver, and oatmeal. Monkey toes are deep-fried and eaten in Indonesia, while in China, duck feet are a treat. Some people in the southern United States eat pork brains, and some Texans like rattlesnake. In parts of Canada, seal flipper pie is popular. If you travel to Mexico or Central America, you may get to taste an iguana taco.


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