This passage is about a boy who receives a guitar for his birthday.

Lexile Level: 810L

Categories: Art & Music

For his birthday, Jared received the best present of his life: a brand-new six-string acoustic guitar. Even though he did not know how to play the guitar, at first he just enjoyed strumming and picking and knowing that he was making music, even if that music was not very pleasing to the ear. After a few days, he bought a beginner's book with some basic chords and strum patterns. Learning to play was hard at first, but Jared was determined. He practiced constantly, so much that his fingertips even began to blister. Within a few days, though, he knew some simple songs, and his fingertips were no longer sore. Now, months later, Jared could play more advanced songs and even felt comfortable having an audience. But here was the real test: it was Jared's turn to perform at his school's talent show. He took a deep breath, adjusted the microphone, and began to play.

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