New School

This passage describes a girl's anxiety about being at a new school.

Lexile Level: 980L

Categories: Adventure

It was Annie's first day at a new school. She waited outside the principal's office for her mother to speak with the counselor about which class she would be in. Annie worried about being the new girl and feared that she would not make any friends. She just hoped that at least one person would be nice to her. Annie stared at her shoes and thought about her last school and wondered what her old friends had been doing for the past few days. She missed her old school and was not sure if she would like this one. It was older than her other school, and the floors squeaked as she walked. The office door opened, and Annie's mother walked out with the counselor. Annie stood up, slowly raised her bookbag over her shoulder, and followed them down the hall, nervous about meeting her new classmates.

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