This passage is about a French woman who likes to roller-skate.

Lexile Level: 940L

Categories: People & Places Sports & Health

Mademoiselle Chandelle was learning to roller-skate. She had not started skating yet, but she had bought a pair from the flea market and brought them home. She was dizzy with excitement. She lived in Paris, and though few Parisians roller-skated, she thought the sport was amusing. She had seen a television show about roller-skaters and noted the graceful movements of their limbs as they shimmied back and forth beneath a bright disco ball. These skaters drew excited crowds. Mademoiselle Chandelle loved attention. When she walked down the narrow streets in her Paris neighborhood, she sang so loudly that her voice echoed off the cobblestones like a screeching owl. Now she stared at her new skates and wondered if they would please the crowds as much as her own voice.


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