Broken TV

This passage is about a girl who is upset that she cannot watch TV.

Lexile Level: 920L

Categories: People & Places

For Gail, today was worse than a day tortured with rainstorms. It was even worse than a day with a math test. The Mort family's television was broken. Rudy, a bossy six-year-old who lived down the road, had thrown a chunk of broken cement into their living room. The chunk was not large, but Mr. Mort noted that because Rudy was big for his age and because he had an excellent throwing arm, the cement chunk had done a lot of damage. It shattered a section of the living room window and flew straight into their television screen. Gail, who was seven, cried hard because she could not watch cartoons. Nevertheless, she was secretly impressed with the strength and accuracy of Rudy's pitch. She wondered if she could ask him to do it again. This would at least have made the afternoon without television more entertaining.

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