This passage describes how a boy shows his brother how to use a computer.

Lexile Level: 950L

Categories: Science & Technology

Ty had an older brother named Otis, who was teaching him about computers. Computers were important in daily life, his brother explained to him, because they helped people share ideas and facts even if they didn't live in the same country. Ty thought this was really exciting because he thought maybe he could use the computer to talk to his cousin Max, who lived in another state. He only got to see Max every summer when his family went to visit. Ty's brother showed him the three parts of the computer, including the part that looked like a TV, which was called the monitor. The other part, which had lots of letters on it, was called the keyboard. It sort of reminded him of a piano. The third part was called the hard drive and was the computer's memory. Ty was one of the first people in his class to have a computer in his house.


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