Davidson Seamount

This passage is about an underwater mountain off the coast of California.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: People & Places Science & Technology Animals & Nature

Can there be mountains underwater? Scientists know about one. The Davidson Seamount is an underwater mountain. It is 75 miles off the coast of California. Scientists have always wanted to explore it. There is only one problem. Humans can't reach it. It is too far below sea level. Humans can't go that far underwater. But, scientists have found a way to explore the seamount. And they won't even get wet. They have the help of "Tiburon." Tiburon is a robot. Pilots control him from a ship. The ship is at sea level. Tiburon's cameras film the mountain. Tiburon also has mechanical arms. They are used to collect many things. It collects rocks, mud, and corals. Scientists are excited by what Tiburon has shown them. The seamount is rich with life. There are shrimp, crabs, red octopuses, sea stars, and fish. Lemon-yellow sponges cover the seamount's ridges. These sponges are the size of boulders. Bright, pink gardens of coral are also present. Some coral are over 10 feet tall. Tiburon has proved the seamount is unique. Scientists will use their findings to protect it.

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