This passage is about a boy who goes fishing with his dad but catches something very strange.

Lexile Level: 360L

Categories: Sports & Health Animals & Nature Adventure

Billy loved to listen to his dad's fishing stories. He really wanted to catch a fish big enough to tell his own story. Billy knew that their moonlight fishing trip was his best chance. It was easiest to catch fish at night. They arrived at the river at midnight. They caught a few small fish. Then they let them go. Billy was sad. He still hadn't made his big catch. It was time to leave. Billy cast his line one last time. But the hook never hit the water. It swooped up in the air. Billy screamed. He covered his eyes and dropped his pole. Then he heard his dad laugh. Billy peeked through his fingers. He followed the fishing line as it rose into the moonlight. He smiled. There was a giant bat flying in circles on his fishing line. Finally, Billy had a fishing story of his own. He was sure that few people could catch a bat.


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