This passage describes different kinds of flowers to plant in a garden.

Lexile Level: 1220L

Categories: Animals & Nature

A vase of cut flowers is a thoughtful gift that can brighten any room, but for the same price, a small flower garden can bring blossoms for months or even years. When planning a garden, one should carefully consider the potential location. Some plants do better with many hours of direct sunlight. Others can tolerate, or may even require, partial shade. Blooming periods are another consideration. Some gardeners prefer to utilize a variety of plants that will bloom at different times of the year to extend the garden's blooming period. Others prefer to plant species that will bloom simultaneously, creating an explosion of color. Yet another decision involves opting for annuals, which will offer color for a single season with little or no growth the following year, or perennials, which will return season after season but may not offer the extended blooming periods of some annuals. With all these parameters to consider, gardeners have the ability to create a customized garden to suit their individual tastes.

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