This passage is about a boy who loves to draw and learns about the drawings of the famous artist, Leonardo da Vinci, from his mother.

Lexile Level: 370L

Categories: History People & Places Art & Music

Jose liked to draw. He liked to draw all kinds of things. He would draw dogs and cats. Sometimes, he would draw horses. Other times, he would draw people. Whenever Jose had free time, he would draw. His mom gave him a notebook. It was a special notebook just for drawing. One day, Jose's mom brought home a different book for him. It was a big book. The book was heavy. Jose's mom told him that it was a book about a famous artist. This famous artist liked to draw, too. His name was Leonardo da Vinci. Jose's mom told him that da Vinci was from Italy. He lived a long time ago. He was born in the 15th century. She said that da Vinci was a great artist. Jose put the heavy book on the kitchen table. He sat down in front of the book and opened it. The book was full of pictures. Some of the pictures were of paintings that da Vinci made. Other pictures were drawings. Jose was amazed. Da Vinci could really draw! Jose didn't know if he could ever draw like da Vinci. Jose's mom told him that da Vinci was a hard worker. So, Jose decided he would work hard, too. He would practice everyday. Then, maybe he could be as good as da Vinci.

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