Playing the Guitar

This passage is about a girl who wants to learn how to play the guitar.

Lexile Level: 350L

Categories: Art & Music

Becky loved music. Her mom and dad listened to music on the radio every night. They would listen to all kinds of music. Becky longed to be able to make her own music. Her parents asked her what instrument she wanted to learn how to play. Becky wasn't sure. The piano was nice. But the piano was big. You couldn't carry it around. You couldn't move with it. Becky wanted something smaller. She decided she wanted a guitar. A guitar is an instrument you can hold in your hands. It has an oval body and a long neck. Strings stretch across the body and up the neck of the guitar. To make music, a person has to strum or pluck the strings. Becky asked for a guitar. And, on a special day, her parents gave her a guitar. She loved it! It was black and wasn't too heavy. Becky held the guitar and strummed the strings. It didn't sound like the music she listened to on the radio. Becky frowned. Her dad told her she would have to practice. Then, she would improve. It would take a lot of time and work. Becky decided she would practice everyday.

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