This passage discusses the life of honey bees.

Lexile Level: 380L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Honeybees are social animals. They live together in a hive. The hive is made of honey and wax. There are three kinds of bees. The ruler of the hive is the queen bee. She lays the eggs. She is surrounded by thousands of worker bees. Worker bees are always female. They clean and protect the hive. They make the honey. And they serve the queen. They talk to one another by performing dances. Also, there are the drone bees. Drone bees are male bees. They mate with the queen. Bees have interesting lives. Sometimes, a swarm of bees will leave a colony. They leave to start their own colony. Sometimes two queen bees will fight over the right to rule a hive. There can be drama. But two things are certain. Honey bees like ordered societies. They cannot live alone. And all three kinds of bees are needed to make a happy home.

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