A New Dog

This passage is about a girl who wants to get a dog after watching the dog show on television.

Lexile Level: 370L

Categories: Animals & Nature

Emily and her mother watched the dog show on television. They always watched the dog show when it was on. They loved all of the beautiful dogs. Emily wanted a pet so badly. Her mother finally seemed to understand. Emily wanted to get a fancy dog. She wanted one just like the ones she saw on the show. Her mother said no. She explained that the purebred dogs were expensive. They were also in high demand. She promised to take Emily to find a dog soon. Perhaps they would go that weekend. But she wanted to show Emily some dogs that really needed homes. The next morning, they went to the animal shelter. Emily was amazed at all the dogs there. Most of them had been abandoned. They were lined up in big cages. The cages filled a big room. She wanted to love them all. They found a small brown and black mutt. Emily couldn't wait to take him home. He was a dog show winner to her. Emily knew he had won her heart.

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