Shoes and Accessories

This passage discusses how the right shoes and accessories can enhance a person's overall appearance.

Lexile Level: 1060L

Categories: People & Places

Everyone wants to have a great looking outfit. People love to hear compliments about their clothes. Many do not realize how much the smaller details of a person's appearance can contribute to their overall look. Items such as shoes and accessories can add the final touch to even the simplest clothing. Accessories vary for men and women. For men, ties, watches, glasses, and shoes can help create a specific image. For women, items such as shoes, handbags, jewelry, and scarves can all be used to create the desired effect. Sometimes using or changing natural attributes such as hair length and color can be a creative way to enhance personal appearance and be considered an accessory for both men and women. Shoes and accessories come in a variety of colors, styles, brands, and prices. The consumer should be aware that shoes and accessories can increase the total price of a person's wardrobe, so it is important to choose carefully.


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