I Want to Be a Chef

This passage is about a girl who likes to cook and is considering becoming a chef some day.

Lexile Level: 390L

Categories: Sports & Health

Shawna liked to cook. She often helped her mom. Her favorite meal to cook was dinner. They would make big dinners together. Shawna's favorite thing to cook was chicken cutlets. She liked coating the meat with bread crumbs. Then she liked to fry them. Shawna thought she would be a chef some day. She could open her own restaurant. But what kind of restaurant? There were so many different kinds. There were places that served Italian food, Mexican food, and Indian food. She could open a bistro. Then, she could serve French food. Shawna thought about this while she fried the cutlets. She decided. Her restaurant would serve all of her favorite foods. She would serve hamburgers. She would serve baked potatoes. And she would serve chicken cutlets. Her menu would be one of a kind.

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