First Date

This passage describes what happens at the beginning of a boy's first date.

Lexile Level: 320L

Categories: Romance

Kyle was going on his first date. He was so nervous. As he walked up the path to his date's house, he started to sweat. What if he said something silly? What if he spilled something on her at the restaurant? What if they had nothing to talk about? Now he was even more nervous. He knocked on the door. There was a brief pause. Then the door opened. It was Samantha's dad. His name was Mr. Harris. Kyle swallowed hard. But Mr. Harris was very nice. He shook Kyle's hand and asked him to come in. They sat down on the couch in the living room. Mr. Harris asked where they were going to eat. Kyle said he thought they would go for Mexican food. He knew Samantha loved Mexican food. Samantha entered the room, and both men stood up. Kyle told Samantha that she looked very nice. She thanked him, and said they should go. Mr. Harris told them to enjoy their dinner. As the door closed behind him, Kyle wondered why he had been so nervous.

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