This passage is about a boy and his love for painting.

Lexile Level: 350L

Categories: Art & Music

Otis always felt relaxed when he painted. Painting was his hobby. He started painting three years ago. He took an art class at his school. Otis discovered that he really liked to paint. He loved color. And he loved the freedom that painting gave him. He could create anything he wanted on his canvas. And the way his picture looked would be up to him. He was in total control. Otis would paint forests and flowers. Other days, he would paint people who he saw. His imagination was always working. But his most important project was still to come. It was for his parents' wedding anniversary. Otis was going to paint their portrait. He would copy it from a picture of them. It would be his biggest project ever. And Otis had to make sure it was his best work yet.

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