This passage describes a girl's love for the rain.

Lexile Level: 330L

Categories: Animals & Nature Adventure

Jillian loved the rain. She loved nothing more than a huge thunderstorm that would last for hours. She watched out the windows. The rain hit the windows hard. But the best part came after the rain stopped. Jillian ran to the coat closet. She got out her rubber rain boots. She also grabbed her yellow raincoat. Sometimes she took the umbrella, just in case. And then she went outside. The first thing she did was find the nearest puddle. Splash! She jumped in with both feet. Now she was soaked. But Jillian didn't care. She kicked the puddle. Then she ran to the next one. Splash! She jumped into that one too. And this went on for the rest of the day. Finally, her mother called her to come in. Jillian came in looking like a drowned rat. Her mother would help Jillian take off her wet clothes. Then she would tell her to go straight upstairs for a hot bath.


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