This passage discusses the importance of apologizing.

Lexile Level: 1060L

Categories: People & Places

We all make mistakes, and everyone needs to apologize at one time or another. Even if we do not mean to cause pain or problems for other people, conflict is a part of human interaction. If you have done something for which you need to apologize, it is not always enough to just say, "I'm sorry." In addition, you should admit that what you said or what you did was inappropriate or wrong. You should say or write that you are aware of the problem you caused and that you regret your words or actions. Equally important is your statement that you will make certain that you do not repeat your mistake. This will let the other person know that you care enough to change your behavior. We all make mistakes at times, but if you make the effort to apologize appropriately, you will do much to solve problems and improve your relationships with others.

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