Descriptive Paragraphs

This passage discusses how to write a good descriptive paragraph.

Lexile Level: 1070L

Categories: Classics & Literature

A good descriptive paragraph allows the reader to see, hear, smell, touch, or taste whatever the writer has chosen to describe. The writer's goal is to present details so that the reader will feel as though he or she can experience the same thing the writer has experienced. Some words are not very specific in meaning. The word "beautiful" can mean different things to different people. Writers must be more specific if they want readers to imagine what they have seen. Rather than say a tree is "ugly," descriptive writers use more specific words, like "misshapen," "diseased," or "rotting." "Well-read" or "calculating" tells the reader more than the word "smart" does. It is sometimes helpful if writers compare what is being described to things with which the readers are familiar already. If writers are successful, readers will feel that they have shared experiences with them, and they will want to read more.


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