Thank-you Notes

This passage discusses how to write a proper thank-you note.

Lexile Level: 1010L

Categories: People & Places Classics & Literature

Writing an effective thank-you note is an excellent way to let someone know how much you appreciate the time and effort involved in gift giving. A note does not have to be long to express gratitude for any gift, including gifts of time or assistance. Be sure to name the gift in your note, along with specific details. In addition, you should state how you will use the gift or how much you will enjoy it. It is also appropriate to mention the occasion for which the gift was given or when you received it. If you were with the giver, you may wish to comment on the time you were together. If the giver was not there when you received the gift, you can refer to when you might see him or her next. Most people appreciate receiving thank-you notes.

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