Art Deco

This passage describes the art movement known as "art deco."

Lexile Level: 1020L

Categories: History Art & Music

Art deco is a twentieth century art movement. It began as a decorative art style and grew to influence architecture, fashion, and other visual arts. It started in France before World War I. Art deco uses sleek styling, with long, thin forms and geometrical patterns. Sunbursts and zigzags are popular art deco motifs. Materials such as aluminum and stainless steel are commonly used. Art deco was partly a response to the rapid technological change happening in the early 20th century. Everything from a railroad train to a toaster has been designed in the art deco style. The Chrysler Building in New York is a famous art deco skyscraper. Many buildings in Miami, Florida are art deco. By the 1920s, art deco was a popular design style. The original art deco movement faded away by the time of World War II. Art deco has been revived since then and continues to be a popular.

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