Old Wives' Tales

This passage describes types of stories referred to as "old wives' tales."

Lexile Level: 1030L

Categories: Sports & Health

Have you ever heard that you'll catch a cold if you go out in winter with wet hair? Or have you heard that carrots will improve your eyesight? Such beliefs are sometimes called old wives' tales. They are bits of advice that have been passed along over many years by men as well as women. Although many old wives' tales aren't completely accurate, some are at least partially true. Carrots won't actually improve your eyesight, but they do contain vitamin A, which helps maintain your vision. Reading in dim light won't ruin your eyesight, but it can certainly make your eyes tired. Research shows that chicken soup actually has properties that can soothe a sore throat and help relieve a stuffy head when you have a cold. Should you wait an hour after eating before going swimming? That's probably not necessary unless you ate a big meal and plan to swim really hard and fast. Kissing a frog won't give you warts, and the frog won't turn into a prince, either!


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