This passage describes a young man's feelings when he sits in the stands of a baseball stadium.

Lexile Level: 1040L

Categories: Sports & Health

Caleb walked into the stands. He was not used to this view. He was usually the one on the field. But every once in a while, before a big game, he liked to be alone in the baseball stadium and look down onto the empty field. He loved the way the field was manicured, expertly mowed in such a way that the field reflected an alternating pattern of light green and dark green stripes. Even though he was just a high school pitcher, he liked to pretend that he was a major leaguer gearing up for an important play-off game. His favorite team was the Chicago Cubs, so he would also pretend that this local ballpark was Wrigley Field, although the metal chain-link fence in the outfield was a far cry from the ivy-covered walls of Wrigley. But that did not keep Caleb from dreaming.


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