Breakfast Casserole

This passage describes how a young girl helps her mother make a breakfast casserole.

Lexile Level: 1080L

Categories: Sports & Health

As Stacy made her way downstairs, she could already smell the spicy aroma of sausage frying. Stacy's mother had gotten up early to fix a breakfast casserole. That morning, Stacy thought she would help. She got the necessary ingredients from the refrigerator, like eggs, bread, milk, and cheese. In a bowl, she mixed the eggs and milk, watching as the gelatin-like yolks turned creamy and smooth as she stirred. Setting aside the egg mixture, she took the already sliced bread cubes and tossed them into the casserole dish. Next she added the meat, which her mother had already finished preparing, and then added the egg mixture. Stacy grated almost a whole block of cheese over the other ingredients. As she surveyed her work, she realized this dish looked much more appealing when it has cooked up golden brown than it did when it was nothing more than a lumpy, soupy mess.

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