Blues Music

This passage discusses the origins of blues music.

Lexile Level: 1080L

Categories: History Art & Music

There are many different types of music, including rock-and-roll, country, hip hop, jazz, and blues. Have you ever heard any blues music? You may not think you have, but blues music has influenced most of the other types of music in our country today. Blues music originated in the southern United States many years ago. Blues was derived from spirituals, praise songs, work songs, hollers, and chants of African slaves. It is called "blues" because it is made up of blue notes, or notes played and sung at a lower pitch to enhance expression. Many instruments are used to makes blues music, including the guitar, harmonica, saxophone, piano, and drums. Vocals are also an important part of blues music. Many of the same chord progressions and notes that originated in blues music are used in the music today.


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