This passage discusses the disease, measles.

Lexile Level: 2845L

Categories: Sports & Health

Luckily, you probably will never have to worry about getting measles. Measles is a very serious sickness caused by a virus, and children used to get it a lot. Measles causes a rash on the body, red spots inside the mouth, fever, runny nose, and cough. It is very contagious and lasts for about two weeks. If you lived in the same house with a person who had the measles, there would be a 90 percent chance you would get it too. The reason you probably won't ever get measles is that the United States requires all school-age children to be vaccinated against it. A vaccine is a shot that protects you from a disease. You may not remember, but when you were a baby, you went to the doctor every few months and received shots to protect you from different diseases, including measles.

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