Another Concert Experience

This passage describes what goes on inside a girl's first concert.

Lexile Level: 1120L

Categories: Art & Music Adventure

Melanie made her way to her seat just as the band took the stage. This was her first big concert in an outdoor arena. She was overwhelmed by the number of people that had packed into the stadium. As the music started, a deafening cheer went up from the audience, and everyone started dancing to the music. The crowd seemed to Melanie to move as one, a mass swaying in time to the sounds thundering from the enormous speakers. It took Melanie a few songs to adjust to the people pressing in on every side and to the sheer volume of the concert, but soon she found herself clapping, singing along to her favorite tunes, and even dancing as the band jammed on. When the band finished the encore and it was time to leave, Melanie knew she would be back next year when the band toured again.

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